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Wanna Play Products Inc. (“Wanna Play”) is the creator of the premium brand “Calmeroos”. We design, manufacture and sell medication-free, pet-calming products that help comfort pets when they need it most. We pride ourselves on providing high quality products and excellent customer service to each and every customer. Protecting the customer experience and safeguarding our brand will allow us to continue to provide high quality products while supporting the economic success of our retailers. For these reasons, Wanna Play has unilaterally adopted the following Electronic Minimum Advertised Price Policy (the “Policy”). This Policy applies to all retail stores, or sellers who sell our Calmeroos products online to end users (referred to as “Retailers” in this Policy).



No individual or entity subject to this Policy shall advertise any Calmeroos products at a price less than the Electronic Minimum Advertised Price (“EMAP”) established by Wanna Play in this Policy. This Policy applies to all Calmeroos products obtained from any source, including directly from Wanna Play, from a distributor or on any website. This Policy applies only to advertised prices and does not apply to the prices at which Calmeroos products are actually sold or offered for sale in-store, over the telephone or otherwise.



For the purposes of this Policy, “advertise” means promoting Calmeroos products in any and all electronic media including, but not limited to: internet sites, search engines, social media sites, online ads or campaigns, emails, sponsored links, apps and any other electronic media.



The price of a Calmeroos product means the net price paid by a consumer after all promotions and discounts.


The following Electronic Minimum Advertised Prices must be adhered to:


Within the USA in USD:

Calmeroos Puppy, all colors: $39.95 USD

Calmeroos Kitty: $39.95 USD

Calmeroos Heart: $17.99 USD

Calmeroos Heat Packs, 6-Pack: $15.99 USD

Within Canada in CAD:

Calmeroos Puppy, any color: $49.99 CAD

Calmeroos Kitty: $49.99 CAD

Calmeroos Heart: $19.99 CAD

Calmeroos Heat Packs, 6-Pack: $19.99 CAD


Wanna Play, in its sole discretion, may modify these prices from time to time. It is the retailer’s responsibility to review the most up-to-date EMAP Policy, which can be found at



  1. All information regarding Calmeroos products on an internet website is considered to be advertising for the purposes of this Policy, other than pricing associated with an item inside an online shopping cart or checkout page which becomes the selling price.

  2. Displaying a price below EMAP pricing on any web page that precedes the shopping cart screen or checkout page is prohibited.

  3. The use of retailer website promo codes, coupons or discount offers which apply specifically to Calmeroos products is prohibited where it reduces the price below EMAP prices. Retailer website coupons, discounts or promo codes that are offered to customers which are not specifically targeted at or for only Calmeroos products are permitted to be used for Calmeroos products. The Calmeroos brand name may not appear on any coupons, promos or discount offers.

  4. Selling Calmeroos products to any entity other than a consumer end-user is prohibited.

  5. Retailers may sell Calmeroos products online on their own store websites only.

  6. Selling under any name other than the corporate name or commonly established trade name of the retailer is prohibited.

  7. Authorizing or facilitating any third-party seller to sell Calmeroos products on or through the Retailer’s website is prohibited. Calmeroos products are not permitted to be sold on any third-party websites including Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, and any other third-party website.

  8. This policy does not apply to discontinued products.


In the event of a violation of this Policy, Wanna Play may unilaterally choose to take any of the following actions, in their sole and independent discretion with or without notice:

  1. Cancelling any existing orders for Calmeroos products. Where an order has been paid for, but not yet shipped, a full refund will be provided.

  2. Refusing to take new orders for Calmeroos products.

  3. If the violating entity is a retailer or entity who purchases from a distributor, notifying distributor(s) that they are no longer authorized to sell the Calmeroos products to the violating retailer or entity.

  4. Any other lawful and appropriate remedy in the complete discretion of Wanna Play.

  5. Wanna Play reserves the exclusive right to interpret, monitor and enforce this Policy. Wanna Play, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to discontinue doing business with any Retailer that advertises any product covered in this Policy in a manner that is inconsistent with this Policy.

  6. No Wanna Play employee has any authority to modify, alter or make exceptions to this Policy.

  7. Nothing in this Policy is construed as an agreement between Wanna Play and any Retailer regarding the advertised or sale price of any Calmeroos products. This Policy is not a contract or agreement, nor is it an offer to form a contract or agreement.

  8. Any questions or comments related to this Policy should be directed to



Wanna Play will attempt to email all authorized retailers about any changes to this Policy in advance of the effective date of any changes, however it is the retailer’s responsibility to review the Policy website for changes at . Wanna Play reserves the right to modify or terminate this Policy at any time.

For a PDF version, please click here.

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