Calmeroos Puppy - Cream
Calmeroos Puppy - Cream
Calmeroos Puppy - Cream
Calmeroos Puppy - Cream
Calmeroos Puppy - Cream
Calmeroos Puppy - Cream
Calmeroos Puppy - Cream

Calmeroos Puppy - Cream



Every Calmeroos purchased provides 2 pounds of food to shelter pets.

During times of change and uncertainty pets can feel anxious, uneasy and afraid. Other than that it’s all good. Calmeroos Puppy was created to provide soothing comfort to your furry pal when they need it most. Designed to appeal to your pet's natural instincts, Calmeroos Puppy recreates the experience of cuddling up to their mama and littermates when there wasn't a care in the world. With Calmeroos Puppy by your pet's side, anxiety relief and comfort are just a heartbeat away! 


  • Includes Calmeroos Puppy plush, plastic heart with heartbeat (2 - AAA batteries included), and 2 disposable heat packs!

  • Our Heat Packs last up to 36 hours each!

  • Heart operates on 2 - AAA batteries which are included!

  • Plush is machine washable with heart and heat pack removed.

  • Safe for pets - no plastic pieces on plush!

  • Helps puppies sleep through the night and transition from their littermates to your loving home; Great for easing anxiety and comforting pets of all ages!


Soft, Plushy and Your pet's best friend. Calmeroos helps comfort your pet and provide them with warm company.


Calmeroos are designed to appeal to your pet's natural instincts. Having Calmeroos around when your pet is sleeping makes them feel cozy and pleasant.


By recreating the experience of cuddling up to their mama and littermates. Calmeroos helps your pet feel at ease and comfort through the "heartbeat" in each Calmeroo.

Has your dog been feeling anxious, scared or even missing out on sleep lately?

Dogs, just like any other animal, have highly developed emotional senses which if left ignored can become one of the many reasons that might lead to anxiety. Calmeroos helps comfort and soothe your pet so that they don't feel alone!


What Are Calmeroos?

Calmeroos are designed to appeal to your pet's natural instincts by recreating the experience of cuddling up to their mama and littermates when there wasn't a care in the world! Your pet will feel at ease and comforted when they cuddle up next to Calmeroos! ​ There are 3 important elements that are combined to comfort and soothe your pet.

1. The Plush

We created a super soft and cozy plush for your pet to cuddle up to. Our plush has no small plastic pieces so it is safe for your puppy or kitten. The Calmeroos plush has a pouch in the underside belly that holds the heart and heat pack.

2. The Heart 

Included with every Calmeroos, the heart produces a comforting heartbeat that reminds pets of their mother and littermates. The heartbeat can be both heard and felt by your pet for maximum soothing. The heart requires 2 AAA batteries which are included! You can expect the batteries to last up to 3 weeks with continuous use.

3. The Heat Packs

Our air-activated disposable heat packs are long-lasting - 36 hours each! - and provide comforting warmth inside our Calmeroos products.. We include 2 long-lasting disposable heat packs with our Calmeroos. Use only one heat pack at a time inside the Calmeroos plush. The heat pack is designed to release consistent and comforting heat while inside the pouch. 

Here's how to use Calmeroos.

1. Grab your Calmeroos Puppy or Calmeroos Kitty. Open the zipper which is located underneath towards their belly.

2. Open the heatpack pouch and insert the air-activated disposable heat packs inside the zipper along with Calmeroos heart which goes inside the pouch. 

3. Watch your pet fall in love with Calmeroos while they cuddle and warm up to their new best friend. Help them ease their anxiety and nervousness.

Pets & Pawrents Love Calmeroos

What people say

This worked amazingly to get my puppy to sleep in his crate. He cuddles it and falls right to sleep. And if you put the heating pad in a Ziploc bag in between uses as they suggest, it lasts longer than I expected. Highly Recommend.

Amy J.

Verified Buyer

Bought this at the last minute just before picking up our new puppy. BEST decision for any new puppy owner. Our pup has continuously slept through the night since we got her. The Calmeroos sleep aid is a game changer!

Ann K.

Verified Buyer

Love, love this anti anxiety plush toy for my baby's a big help when I go to work. I can see him through my indoor home security camera...he stays more calm and cries less...I can finally be stress- free when I'm away now.

Myrna M.

Verified Buyer

Calmeroos Mission

It's simple. Feed as many shelter pets as we can. As pet lovers, we wanted to create a product that not only comforted and cuddled sweet pets, but that also gave back to pets in need. That's why for every Calmeroos Puppy or Kitty we sell, we will donate 2 pounds of food to shelter pets. Together, we will make a real difference. From our pet-loving family to yours, thank you so much for supporting us.

The No More List

  • No More Anxiety
  • No More Loneliness
  • No More Sleepless Nights
  • No More Nervousness
  • Only Comfort and Peace

Satisfaction Guarantee

Calmeroo's wants you to love your purchase. We will gladly issue a refund for new merchandise purchased from our online store within 14 days of the shipping date. 


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