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​Thanks for stopping by! ​I’m Crystal, owner and founder of Calmeroos. I am a wife to my best friend,  a mama to 3 of my favorite humans, and a passionate entrepreneur. But before I got to be any of those things,

I was a pet lover.

In fact, I have over 30 years experience as a pet lover!

My whole life, I’ve had a 4-legged fur baby (or 2 or 3) by my side. From a young age, I felt a special connection to animals and a strong desire to protect and comfort them. My pets have given me so much – their loyalty; their unconditional love; their no-strings-attached companionship. Bentley, our family pup, never leaves my side. I know anyone who has had a pet can relate.

The inspiration for Calmeroos was born out of a desire to calm and comfort pets when they need it most. Since I can’t cuddle them all (as much as I’d like to!), creating a comforting companion especially for pets seemed like the next best thing.

But that wasn't enough.

​There are so many sweet pets who do not have a loving home to call their own. Calmeroos needed to give back to them in a meaningful way, too. Knowing that our customers feel the same about helping pets in need, we wanted to create a way for us to make an impact, together. 

For every Calmeroos we sell, 2 pounds of food will be provided to pets in need.

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